Direct to Tape Mastertape

' Four albums from the in-akustik Reference Sound Edition are now available as DTT Direct To Tape MASTERTAPE! This Mastertape Selection from in-akustik has been assembled with a love of musical detail. RESO Mastering, the new high definition mastering procedure, provides significant acoustic improvements in transparency, dynamics, bass reproduction and depth differentiation. The music is gaining more atmosphere and emotion.

The transfer to „Master Selection“ tapes „Recording The Masters SM 468“ is done by calibrated and professionally maintained studio tape machines Studer A 80 (38 cm/sec) and Telefunken M 15/21 (19 cm/ sec) directly from the original master. Each tape is produced directly and without any detour. Haute couture for the ears, real master quality.

Each tape was of course recorded directly and monitored throughout the entire dubbing process. We decided to transfer the tapes with a technique at the recording head that allows higher levels than usual without any distortion. This means for most tape recorders: Our master tape achieves signal-to-noise ratios that they could never achieve with their own tape recorders! All tapes are carefully adjusted down to 0 dB, even if the VU meters of other tape machines should indicate a too high level.

The 19cm/sec version has got a „blue-white“ starting tape, the 38er version an equally professional „red-white“ one. Both versions also received a yellow tape at the end. As usual for archiving, we hand over the tape so that it has to be rewound for listening. This is the only way to guarantee that the tape is rewound finely after listening.



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