Singer / Songwriter
35 - 0491013
  • Artist: Friend 'n Fellow
  • Format: CD
  • Order No.: 0491013
  • Release Date: 18.10.2019
  • Label: Doctor Heart Music
  • Genre: Singer / Songwriter
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Friend ´n Fellow are phenomenal: For almost 30 years, they have been successfully underway beyond the mainstream, but also beyond all other musical pigeon-holes. Distinctive and unique, but yet changeable and always good for a surprise. “One voice, one guitar – the rest is amazement,” the press commented a few years ago. With their intensive and genuine interactions, the musicians expose even the finest nuances – which seem to have become forgotten in today’s radio pop music world. The music of Friend ´n Fellow breathes the intensity of blues, enjoys the freedom of jazz and touches the sound of soul. CHARACTERS is the duo’s twelfth album. 12 songs about 12 different characters who encounter each other in the songs and reach out to each other. This is the way to delve into 48 minutes of deep, clear music.

  • Fighter (Friend 'N Fellow)
  • Dreamer (Friend 'N Fellow)
  • Gardener (Friend 'N Fellow)
  • Child (Friend 'N Fellow)
  • Friends (Friend 'N Fellow)
  • Soulmate (Friend 'N Fellow)
  • Woman (Friend 'N Fellow)
  • Travelers (Friend 'N Fellow)
  • Sister (Friend 'N Fellow)
  • King (Friend 'N Fellow)
  • Stranger (Friend 'N Fellow)
  • Postman (Friend 'N Fellow)