35 - 0169168
  • Artist: Blues Company
  • Format: CD
  • Order No.: 0169168
  • Release Date: 24.03.2023
  • Label: inakustik
  • Genre: Blues
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United Nations Of Blues


The German town of Lahnstein is well-known to Tosho Todorovic, bandleader of German-based Blues Company. Ever since the first edition of Lahnstein Blues Festival in 1981 he has performed at the local town hall repeatedly. And in 2010 he was presented with the festival’s Blues Louis Award by Tom Schroeder, the grey eminence of the festival.

But two things were different in 2022: First, it was the XXL line-up of the Blues Company that entered the stage, meaning that instead of four there were a total of nine musicians present; and secondly their set list contained songs that have been previously unreleased.

And what about the title of the album? Well, that refers to the fact that the family or personal roots of the nine musicians do not only lie in Germany, but also in former Yugoslavia, the Caribbean, Poland, Greece and Turkey.

Last, but not least this is what Todorovic has to say about the new album: ‘For me it’s rather live than in the studio because the contact to the audience is very inspiring. As opposed to the matter-of-fact atmosphere of a recording studio.’

  • Bad Luck Boogie
  • I Need A New Job
  • Get On Up
  • Invitation To The Blues
  • Little By Little
  • Separation Blues
  • Another Man´s Blues
  • Jammin´ At Mike´s Place
  • (Standin´ On) Shakey Ground
  • La La Land
  • I'd Rather Go Blind
  • Save Me
  • So Bad
  • Blow Jay Blow