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Our wide-ranging repertoire is ideal for partnerships, special marketing actions, campaigns and special sales strategies. Talk to us and we’ll be happy to come up with a suitable concept tailored to your needs.

Some references

  • Burmester
  • marantz - 50th anniversary DVD
  • SONY - Audiophile Collection
  • stereo magazin - Hörtest CD/LP
  • Dynaudio - Sampler Kissed By A Song
  • BRAWA - The Brawa Blues Sampler
  • and many more
in-akustik Music & Media

Cooperation with the specialist magazine AUDIO

At the request of the specialist magazine AUDIO, we put together a compilation of audiophile highlights from our sales repertoire.

AUDIO 11/2012: “Thanks to intelligent cables, audiophile recording media and smart accessories, the in-akustik company has become a German stronghold of sophisticated sound culture. High time then to take another listen to the audiophile pearls from the Baden-based high-end supplier. Enjoy more than 55 minutes of “AUDIOphile Pearls” from the fields of pop, rock, jazz and classical music – and take a look behind the scenes of a company delightfully comprised of many creators and inventors.”

Front cover CD: AUDIOphile Pearls Volume 7

AUDIO 09/2014: “AUDIO's especially audiophile ninth comes straight out of Zürichsee: With Piega we have gained one of the most important Swiss hi-fi manufacturers as a sponsor – and received a few exciting new musical discoveries from its German sales partner in-akustik as well.

Top-class loudspeakers, whether they are manufactured in Zürichsee or anywhere else, should be fed with great-sounding music. “AUDIOphile Pearls Vol. 9” offers both: Let the curtain rise on 14 audiophile hits and highlights from pop, jazz and classical music.”

Gift for your customers

Which cable is suitable for which requirement? This CD helps your customers to find out. A collection of superior recordings from the in-akustik sales repertoire ensures the very highest level of musical pleasure. Each track represents different sound characteristics and listeners can hear for themselves the superior sound with in-akustik cables. After all, good music only sounds good with good cables.

This CD makes a wonderful gift for your customers – it combines musical pleasure with practical sound tutoring. Or you can use this CD for your own demonstration purposes. in-akustik can also supply the accompanying slipcase with individual logo prints on request. Placement to be agreed upon.

in-akustik Tasty Soundsampler 

The Tasty Sound Collection is an edition of premium music around different stimulants. These compilations are the ideal medium for a remarkable mailing, they could be an attractive product in your online shop or a part of your advertising tactic. Each CD is classy designed and equipped with an informative 16-page booklet. The CDs are delivered in a high quality slipcase. The Tasty Sound Collection of in-akustik has been awarded with the red dot award 2010 for outstanding design.


We would be happy to help you put together your own individual compilation. With individual printing or your own song mix.


The in-akustik music stores form a network of authorized Dealers with an audiophile repertoire.


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