Arousing the senses at the POS

Our new packaging

The packaging should captivate with a refined look and feel, and a sophisticated design. It accentuates the distinctiveness of the high-quality in-akustik accessory products. Its visual design is complemented by the use of the best paper currently available on the market.

The High Five Packaging concept

Dealers and consumers benefit from:

  1. Grid pattern for flexibility at the POS.
  2. A clearly structured design for an instantaneous overview.
  3. A clear and efficiently designed board.
  4. Products grouped by topic.
  5. Eco-friendly packaging.

Instant overview

The front only shows the most essential information about the product, and sophisticated 3D artwork. This allows the customer to find the most appropriate accessory productat a glance.<


The back includes product descriptions in a variety of languages, additional images of the product, awards and icons symbolising the key Features.


The QR code opens a link to product videos or to more detailed information available from our mobile Website.

Modular dimensions

The packaging sizes have been designed as modules. This means a large packaging unit can be replaced by two smaller packaging units.

The most common packaging units are divided horizontally. This makes the presentation more "spacious". The customer will not be "buried" by a wall of accessories.


Big: 25 x 37,5 cm
Depth: 7 cm

Standard: 25 x 18 cm
Depth: 3 cm & 5 cm

Small: 10,3 x 18 cm
Depth: 2 cm & 3, 5 cm

Accessories: 10,3 x 8 cm
Depth: 3,5 cm

High-quality POS displays

Discover the many possibilities of our POS support, for example the deployment of high-quality Displays.

POS Displays

Placement diagrams

You receive individual Placement suggestions with selected top sellers and 3D visualisations. 



I will be happy to answer any questions about or packaging concept and other forms of POS support. I look forward to hearing your feedback.

Tobias Tritschler | Marketing
+49 (0) 7634 5610-40