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"It’s difficult to describe" | stereoplay 01-2017

“It’s difficult to describe – you have to experience it yourself. Or to put it in terms of money, a hi-fi combination worth €20,000 can be improved by 20% simply with the LS-2404 AIR. That amounts to an extraordinary value.” Stereoplay 01-2017

“Without a doubt, in-akustiks LS-2404 is one of the best speaker cables that STEREO has ever tested…”
Stereo 01-2015

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We have long set the bar very high in regard to quality, because cables and connections are extremely sensitive. Physical phenomena that arise during the transmission of signals can only be controlled with technical finesse and the best materials. For this reason all cables are manufactured in a German cable mill and finished by us in Ballrechten-Dottingen in elaborate manual work.

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Reference Selection | HiFi Stars

LS- & NF-2404 AIR

HiFi Stars 03-2017

Reference Selection | Fidelity

LS- & NF-2404 AIR

Fidelity 01-2017

Physics not Voodoo

“We don‘t deal in voodoo. We deal in physics. Anybody who has a good command of the laws of physics and knows what can be achieved with the right materials and outstanding cable architecture will attain results that are measurably better. We have implemented all this in our
Referenz cables.”

Holger Wachsmann | Product Developer

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Our Referenz Selection cables are only available in selected and authorized shops. If you are a specialized dealer or own an acknowledged HiFi shop and are interested in the commercialization of high end audio cables, please contact us. You can find the responsible sales representative in our contacts section.


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Physics rather than voodoo. Our high end speaker and interconnect cables are lavishly hand-made in our on-site manufactory at our company’s headquarter in Ballrechten-Dottingen.

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Stereo 09-2015: "The authentically innovative structure of in-akustiks new interconnect Referenz NF-2404 has propelled it right to the top of theclass.”

Referenz Selection

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We gladly leave the evaluation of our products to independent journalists, magazines and laboratories. Countless test results endorse our work. Praise that keeps us going.