More than just a label

in-akustik is the perfect sales partner for music labels. They benefit from our many years of experience and our listing with the most important partners, specialists and online retailers, such as Media Markt, Saturn and Amazon. With long-standing partnerships with labels, some go back over 25 years, and a broad, almost unlimited repertoire, we have gained an excellent reputation and acceptance among retailers and the media. And that’s no surprise, because it’s backed up by expert staff on every level. They’re music enthusiasts
who are fired up to help new, independent, interesting music labels to succeed.

Your benefits

If you want to use the potential of an optimal distribution partner - just work with us: with in-akustik. And you will benefit from the following:

Your benefits at a glance

  • You benefit from a modern logistics centre for Germany and Europe
  • You lower and optimise your sales costs
  • You receive support for your marketing measures promotions and marketing department
  • You generate positive synergy effects for your supplier ranking
  • You cooperate with sales partners in a strategic manner

An extensive sales network

We have an extensive sales network that takes every promising label to where they need to be – at retailers and in the hands of music lovers.

6 salespersons in our field service.

6 salespersons who visit retailers regularly and work towards establishing new strategic sales channels for new music and who do everything to find customers for your label.

A highly modern logistics centre.

A highly modern logistics centre that avoids out-of-stock situations on the retail market with a supplier-controlled vendor management inventory (VMI) system. In a nutshell: Your label won't get left behind with us.

Account Manager

4 telemarketers who have a direct line to retailers.

amazon Advantage

in-akustik participates in the Amazon Advantage programme and benefits from the advantages of the Amazon Premium partnership.

The PhonoNet connection

We are listed on the platform for the electronic, standardised data exchange of the German music branch. Anybody who is looking for what we have in our product range will find us there. And that includes your label.


2 label managers oversee the labels that we have in our product range. You might be having more to do with them in future.


Browse around our assortment of CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays or LPs. Smart search functions will guide you.


Your Own CD

Create your own CD for special marketing campaigns. Choose your titles individually and design your cover.


Music Stores

The in-akustik Music Stores form a broad network of authorized specialists with an audiophile repertoire.

Be part of it

Have we aroused your interest?

f you would like to find out more about our repertoire and sales network, I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you.

Bernhard Rössle | Head of A&R
+49 (0) 7634 5610-28