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Our exclusive displays have a variety of sizes and models. Finished with a deluxe wooden veneer, they are versatile, can be used on both sides and be equipped with useful details.


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Deluxe wooden displays

Big: 220 x 100 x 40 cm; 80 x 187 cm perforated panel

The display can be used on both sides and be mounted on the wall, free-standing or also used on its side with up to 3 shelves. The shelves are ideal for presenting the Referenz LS cable in the case, the AmbienTech TV wall bracket or for additional quality level classifications. We provide double folding hooks with a catch for hanging up blister packs (length: 20 cm).


Small: 145 x 45 x 40 cm; 115 x 40 cm perforated panel

The display can be used on both sides, can be mounted on the wall or freestanding in the room. The delivery scope includes two shelves and a three-part perforated panel – for a variety of presentation setups. We provide double folding hooks with a catch for hanging up blister packs (length: 20 cm).


230 x 100 x 45 cm

  • Real wood display with slatwall back board
  • Weight: 43 Kg
  • Signboard „Quality-Level“ at buyer`s option
  • 5 packaging units in width (standard size)
  • 6 packaging units in height (standard size)
  • Slat wall hooks on request
  • Solo unwinder optional

Solo Unwinder - Let`s Rock`n Roll

An innovative solo unwinder for dealing with metre goods professionally:

  • Allows metre goods to be stored easily on the peg-board
  • Uses the sales area extremely efficiently.
  • Ideal for secondary placement.
  • Easy to handle when replacing spools.
  • Useful winding spools for convenient use.


So much to choose from, such an overview. Rock, pop, jazz, classical, blues, concerts or a cult-series from the television. Whatever your customers are looking for, help them find it with our CD/DVD Displays.

Big:220 X 110 X 24 cm

Display in real wood appearance. Six shelves air included in delivery. They can be fixed in various distances, depending on the placement with CD, DVD, BR or LP.

Small: 150 x 35 x 30 cm

The high-quality CD/DVD/BR floor display with a deluxe wooden look is ideal for presenting exclusive CDs or DVDs, for instance in a studio, between the speakers or in a demonstration room. The fastening bolts can be attached anywhere, enabling CDs or DVDs to be individually displayed.


200cm x 80cm x 120cm

This high quality AmbienTech display shows all facets of AmbienTech – the spartial concept from in-akustik – on the smallest possible place. It’s perfect suitable for showrooms or roadshows. The display includes the most important modules of the AmbienTrack cable trunking system, the new AmbienArt LED light components and the invisible speaker AmbienTone No.4. It also shows some details of several AmbienTrack profiles and covers. The display comes with a 2 m power supply Schuko connectin cable. The basement is a blindet palette. This enables an easy handling with an elevating truck.

  • Weight: ca. 200kg
  • Plug&Play connection
  • Incl. AmbienTone No.4 speaker
  • Including Technical Corner / Profile sections
  • Flightcase for save tranpsort
  • Value: 3.000 EUR

POS Signboards

For the POS we offer signs according to individual specifications.E.g. to explain our quality Levels.

Flexible Tego-Display

The display can be mounted in front of the TV wall and can accommodate up to 7 units.

AmbienTech Sample Case

The sample case contains the AmbienTrack wall pillar equipped with a monochrom and RGB LED strip. Incl. RGB controller, remote control and AC Adapter.

Cable Guide

What you should consider when choosing your cables and how to fully exploit your systems potential – our cable guide will illustrate this for you.



Browse around our assortment of cables and accessories. You can chose between 4 quality ranges and will find the right cable for any set-up.

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