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What drives us on is our enthusiasm for music, for high fidelity, for optimum picture quality and a stylish ambience at home. This passion is infectious. Because it benefits everyone who sources and uses our products, whether they are our retail partners or our customers. This is backed up by our 38 years of experience in the market, a powerful sales infrastructure, efficient logistics and the incomparable expertise of our own product developers, with their impressive innovations. And don’t forget: we have an in-house team who are as likeable and friendly as the region we come from.

You can prevent products being out of stock or overstocked by using the Efficient Replenishment Tool. This is a shared, automated reordering system that determines the amount of new stock sent according to actual sales. Our aim is to significantly reduce the amount of stock both at in-akustik and at our Dealers.

You receive individual support that is tailored to your needs. Nine regional representatives travel throughout Germany and regularly provide our dealers with the latest product news, training and ideas to optimise the stock assortment.

You receive detailed 3D planograms and visualisations, which we adapt for your existing POS presentation. You can see at a glance how the equipment will be intgrated in its current position. The assortment can be flexibly and uncomplicatedly modified by exchanging goods.

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You can enjoy our comprehensive technical and product-specific advice. Training courses and workshops with our product designers enable your salespeople to give customers the best possible advice.

You benefit from unique expertise in all our products, with suitable cables for every application and any budget. Four clearly separated quality levels that can easily be recognized by the customers make it easier to find products at the POS.

You get everything from a single source: as well as traditional hi-fi and video accessories, our product range also includes professional HDMI and HD-BaseT solutions, the AmbienTech room concept, our wide-ranging repertoire of music and media, as well as products we sell for Piega.

This brochure and all others in future are printed climate-neutrally. Only eco-friendly inks and FSC®-certified paper are used. The outer cardboard and the inlay of our packaging are made of paper

We manufacture our loudspeaker cables here in Germany. Most of our home hi-fi and video cables in the Referenz and Exzellenz quality levels are manufacturedin-house at our Headquarters in Ballrechten-Dottingen. These products are marked with the “Made in Germany” label on the website and on the packaging.


The production facilities at our headquarters allow us to manufacture custom solutions. Our service begins long before the order is placed. We help you with the technical and commercial planning of your project, right through to implementation at our production facilities.


For the innovative and unusual design of the new packaging, in-akustik received the Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2014. The paper, which is the best that is currently available on the market, gives the packaging a special feel. It emphasises the Quality of the high-end accessories.


The quality of our work is repeatedly borne out by outstanding test ratings from independent specialist magazines all over the world. This praise inspires us to carry on. We have put together a summary of all test reports and product reviews on our Website.


Our owner-run company has been successfully manufacturing and marketing CE accessories for more than 37 years. The group of companies includes not only in-akustik but also the cable specialists braunkabel and the model railway manufacturers brawa.

in-akustik is also a member of the most important organisations and associations in the industry. Constant dialogue with our Partners in this network enables us to recogniz market developments at an early stage and react quickly. (Smart Audio Allianz, High End Society, VUT, Bundesverband Musikindustrie)


You can expect absolute fitting precision and the highest Quality standards. Each batch is put to the test on our in-house set-up.

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We have developed concepts which will enhance specialist dealers in their own areas of competence: in expertise, in specialist advice and in everything that distinguishes you from just a regular media discount store. If you’ve had enough of all the punishing price slashing, if you want to get away from current market trends and if you’re ready to think past today, then this concept is for you and you will recognise yourself again and the chances being offered here: with the in-akustik partnership.

Sven Schulz | General Sales Manager

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Referenz Selection Partnership

Are you a specialist retailer or owner of a recognised hi-fi retail outlet? Are you interested in high-end audio cables? Then become an in-akustik Reference Selection Partner.


Music store

Are you interested in selling audiophile recordings? Then become part of our in-akustik music store Network.



Everything that makes selling better

in-akustik provides everything for the perfect enjoyment of listening and watching, as well as high-class ambience in the home. Naturally, that also goes for presenting our products at the retailer. You have the choice of high-class displays and POS and packaging concepts tailored to your needs. You benefit from elaborate 3D planograms and visualisations that help you put together the equipment to suit your market requirements.



“Produce” your own CD

Your logo | Your design | Your music selection

Create and design your own CD together with us. You benefit from our many years of experience in the music branch, our great feeling for the right track selection and our comprehensive repertoire. A delight for your customers' ears.



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Our partners benefit from a highly customer-oriented service. We want to create new impulses – with genuine service and a strong brand. We want to reinforce retailers’ own strengths, namely expertise and professional technical advice. One thing was extremely important for us: the ways in which we support dealers should be simple – that means simple to use, simple to implement and simply effective.

Dieter Amann | General manager


in-akustik is a member of the most important organisations and associations in the industry.



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